Güdel Group to build oversized gantry for University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Langenthal - March 2023 - Switzerland-based Güdel Group announces that it has been awarded the right to build an oversize gantry for the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). This is a gantry with which four robots can travel in a workspace of 30 meters by 20 meters and a height of 10 meters. Four jointed-arm robots with a payload of 210 kilograms and a reach of 3 meters are to be attached, which can thus perform practically any movement.

This surface gantry will be built in a new research center, directly at the port of Odense in Denmark, where the gantry will then be operated for the future research facility.

The purpose of the LSP (Large Structure Production) Center is to automate the construction, maritime, and energy sectors, in their production of large structures. In the future, for example, it should be possible to create ship hulls and structures for wind power plants automatically. 

The LSP Center is welcomed by private industry in Europe. As global competition threatens European production amid a pressing skill shortage, and as pressures around sustainability and worker wellbeing become more difficult to meet, automation is needed to solve these problems. The LSP Center does this on a scale never seen before. The specialized nature of the system allows for human robot collaboration, so that the strengths of both robots and human workers are incorporated.

The gantry will be equipped with welding applications and 3D printing elements; to meet the complex and intricate needs of the construction, maritime, and energy industries. Güdel Group already has many years of experience with such special gantries, which are already being used successfully at other universities. 

The gantry system will be almost twice the size of previous ones, and the load of the robots will also be many times higher. 

The new infrastructure continues the University of Southern Denmark’s legacy of cutting-edge robotics research, positioning itself among the world’s leading universities.

Güdel Group has been involved with SDU since the early planning stages and will actively support the project with its experience throughout its construction and operation. 

On the 14th March, the Crown Prince of Denmark, Prince Frederik visited the joint exhibit with Güdel and the LSP Center at the European Robotics Forum 2023.

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